Do you have a Jet Wing for my motor?
You can look for your motor on the Models & Applications page, call Jet Wing at
(570) 204 • 0160, or contact one of our authorized dealers for help with a specific motor application.

Will the Jet Wing take away from running in shallow water?
No - the wing is even with the intake of the motor (see photos).

How will the Jet Wing help me load my boat on the trailer?
The Jet Wing fins will give you guidance to maneuver the boat with ease instead of having to over steer without it.

Will the Jet Wing slow my boat down?
NO - When at top speed the Jet Wing is out of the water at top end. However the side fins are just in the water which we found during testing helps in turning at high speeds.

Will the Jet Wing help me plane quicker?
No it will not. But it will not slow down the take off of the boat either.

Do you warrant the product?
Yes - click here for details.

What types of payment does Jet Wing accept?
Our website checkout is securely processed through PayPal®. You may use most credit and debit cards as well as money directly out of your PayPal® account, if applicable.
You DO NOT have to have a PayPal® account to use our checkout system.